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Ensuring pigs's health using AI

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Pigs are social, endothermic animals that are affected by environmental changes such as lack of heat and disruptions to their hierarchy. This leads to welfare distress and lowers reproduction capacity.

To ensure pig living conditions and optimal health, consistent manual observation is usually necessary.

As a result, we developed a camera-based solution that offers constant monitoring and analysis of pigs and their environment without disturbing them. When alerted of signs of distress, farmers can mitigate any underlying environmental causes discerned by the monitoring and analysis of the pigs’ movement patterns. This could include tasks such as adjusting the room temperature to avoid overheating, or adjusting the locations of the food and water basins to mitigate overcrowding during feeding.

A camera consistently monitors the movement of pigs in barn...

... and an operational manager can identify cluster formation in real-time to identify health-related issues.

Our solution offers a fast and accurate depiction and enhancement of pigs’ living conditions while minimizing the time spent on observing and understanding their behaviors and environment by 90%.

Lastly, through the adoption of our solution, our clients have been able to efficiently maintain optimized pig living conditions and social relationships, resulting in higher reproduction across different farming environments.

Get in touch to learn more about our solutions for livestock monitoring and how we can help farmers globally to ensure the best conditions for their livestock using our Bleenco Go platform!

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