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How AI can help put an end to unexpected leakages!

Pipelines and barrels are an integral operational asset to both store and transfer fluids, such as oil and gas, from one location to another. Although both are designed to withstand diverse conditions to ensure safe and reliable distribution and storage, leakages might still occur. If these leakages are not appeased in a timely manner, potentially dire circumstances can ensue, with varying consequences ranging from slippery floors and losses in operational assets to ecological disasters and human casualties.

To eliminate these potential threats and consequences, we have developed a broad spectrum of solutions utilizing various sensors, including cameras and microphones, to monitor, detect, and alert operational managers in the case of any leakages. With our AI solutions, our clients can ensure that they are not only made aware of any leakage occurrences, but most importantly that their workers and facilities are protected. The benefits of our leakage and spot detection solutions therefore include decreased downtime, reduced liability, and lower healthcare and accident-mitigation costs.

To ensure that pipelines and barrels are not leaking any fluids that might pose an operational risk, our camera-based solution monitors and automatically detects the occurrence of any spill or leakage. If detected, the solution communicates the spill or leakage with the responsible personnel in real time.

Our AI solution detect an active leakage...

... and it triggers automatic alerts to responsible personnel in real-time.

To ensure a quicker reaction time mitigating such occurrences, operational managers are notified about the spills and leakages through SMS, light and sound alerts, or any other interactive device that might already be available at your facility.

By adopting Bleenco’s leakage detection solution, clients can reduce their time to react to leakages from hours to seconds, efficiently minimizing the risk of an unfortunate incident.

Get in touch to learn more about or solutions and our Bleenco Go platform!

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