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Ensuring employees' safety in the railway industry using AI

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Despite the overall improvement of the railway industry’s safety record in recent decades, the rate of train accidents has not considerably decreased, with a substantial number of accidents occurring in recent years.

So, how can we fix that?

After an in-depth look into the railway system and its train platforms, we have learned that railway safety is highly dependent on human behavior inside and outside that specific system.

As a result, we have developed several customizable camera-based AI solutions using our platform Bleenco Go to prevent accidents in the railway industry.

One of our solutions monitors the movement of individuals around the train platform, ensuring no person is at risk of falling onto the rail tracks. In case a specific distance is not kept, the person is informed through various devices and equipment, such as lights and sound alerts.

Constant monitoring to ensure individuals do not get too close to the train's platform

On the other hand, while trains are normally considered safer than other means of transportation, passengers and railway workers on train platforms occasionally encounter deadly risks, such as colliding with a moving train. An unintentional oversight can therefore quickly cause a costly and potentially deadly accident.

By using our AI solutions, companies can prevent fatal and non-fatal incidents. Our solutions use real-time network data, which can be readily available on-site, to analyze and predict the movement of people and trains that could result in accidents.

If our solution detects a person crossing the railway or standing too close to a train, it will notify the individual by triggering a light alarm. Additionally, we can create a direct connection to the train and activate the train's horn through the local wireless network, ensuring individuals are alerted and can move a safe distance away.

Interested to learn more? Get in touch with us to see how we can help you protect your most important assets.

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