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Consistent and real-time detection of protective equipment (PPE)

The use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is vital in many hazard-prone areas, such as construction sites and labs, when performing dangerous, accident-causing tasks that could otherwise be prevented.

We have therefore built a broad spectrum of camera-based solutions to prevent such accidents caused by missing PPE.

Our PPE detection solution is highly customizable and as such can be integrated across different functions and into different equipment. This blog will show the versatility of our PPE detection solution by showing some examples where we can implement our PPE detection solution.

Construction Sites

By implementing our solutions at the entrance of construction sites, we can detect whether workers are wearing their required PPE before entering. Our solution will constantly be monitoring whether site employees are wearing the necessary required PPE prior to entering the site. In case any required PPE is missing, our solution automatically reminds the worker using a screen that can be placed on the entrance.

Power Washing Equipment

Power washing equipment is highly useful, as it has the ability of speeding up strenuous tasks. However, power washing involves cleaning dangerous chemicals, and if the equipment worn by site workers are not safety regulated, it can lead to unsafe situations, such as contamination, burns, wounds and other health hazards.

Our solution can be connected to a water faucet or hydrant, where it can control the water flow depending on whether proper PPE is worn by the employee performing the task. If any PPE is missing, the water supply is automatically cut off, or conversely, if the worker is wearing the correct PPE, everything runs smoothly and without any problems.


Similar to construction sites, if workers are not wearing appropriate PPE, a laboratory can turn out to be an extremely dangerous environment. Our PPE solution can detect if the required PPE is worn even before entering the lab and can automatically control lab access to ensure that only fully equipped personnel can enter. If missing PPE is detected, employees are denied access to the lab and notified about their misstep.

In case lab workers are not wearing the required PPE, we can limit access to the lab by controlling the sliding door.

The sliding door automatically opens if all the required PPE is present.

Do you have other locations or functions where you would like to use our PPE detection solution? Get in touch with us if you would like to learn more and get to know our Bleenco Go platform.

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