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An AI solution to identify the optimal feed for chicken

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Chickens reared in large environments are prone to behavioral issues and difficult-to-detect infectious and parasitic diseases; thus, it is essential that chickens can have adequate access to food and water basins without being overcrowded during feeding times. Additionally, the type of food chickens eat directly affects their reproductive capacity, health, and energy levels. Chickens will exhibit higher levels of energy when given feed that improves their health. Lower levels of energy conversely indicate poor feed quality.

As a result, we have developed a camera-based solution that constantly monitors and analyzes chicken movements, measuring their direction and intensity of movement to identify certain patterns that might be problematic to their well-being.

By analyzing their movement patterns, farmers can identify the best locations for food and water basins to avoid overcrowding. The farmers can also monitor the chickens’ reactions to specific feeds, allowing them to choose the best feed for maximum health and reproductivity.

Operational manager inspecting chicken movement patterns in relation to different food types.

The solution can additionally see if any chickens suffer from injuries or diseases based on their movement patterns.

Clients that have adopted our chicken monitoring solutions have been able to reduce their time spent on manual observation by 95%. Operational managers have also been able to increase the overall health and reproductivity levels of their chickens by comparing the chickens’ reactions to different feeds, without the time-consuming task of manually monitoring their post-feed reactions.

Get in touch with us to learn more about or livestock solutions and our Bleenco Go platform.

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