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An AI solution to minimize the amount of resources wasted in filling stations and transport trucks

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

When tank trucks are filled onsite, certain precautions must be taken to prevent potential post-fueling hazards, such as properly placing the fueling cap.

It is crucial to ensure the proper placement of any open filling caps, as improper replacement may yield unsolicited spillage.This can lead to costly expenses and a hazardous environment for those close by due to toxic fumes and potential spills.

Furthermore, once the truck is already on the road, an imbalance within the tank from the missing liquid may cause the truck driver to lose control of the vehicle, resulting in a possibly deadly accident.

Our AI solutions detects if filling caps are correctly placed to ensure a minimal loss of vital resources.

We have therefore developed a camera-based solution that monitors any cap areas. If the cap is replaced correctly, the filling system runs smoothly. If the placement is incorrect, a signal is sent directly to the workers’ smartwatches, and the light alarm is activated so that the workers are notified of the problem in due course.

In case an incorrect placement is detected, our AI solution automatically triggers and alert.

Another aspect of filling stations that might cause resources to be wasted is forgetting to close the line on a truck after the filling procedure is completed. This can lead to spillage of the transported liquids from the open tank, causing hazardous road conditions for other vehicles that may lead to unnecessary, and sometimes deadly, accidents.

To combat this, using our platform Bleenco Go, we are easily able to extend the capabilities of our AI solutions to detect whether all lids are closed before trucks leave the premises of a filling station.

When an open lid is detected, our solution communicates this to the access gate, preventing it from opening, and thus preventing the truck from leaving the premises. If the lid is closed and locked, our solution automatically opens the access gate, allowing the truck to pass.

Our solution automatically opens the gate in case the lid on the truck is closed...

... and automatically closes it in case the lid is open.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our solutions focusing on preventing the loss in resources and our Bleenco Go platform.

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