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Bleenco Quarterly, April 2020

Lean Innovation in Times of Corona: Does Thermal Screening Work?


This special report examines thermal screening as a method to detect elevated body temperature, tackles the current landscape of thermal screening, exposes flaws in some of the available solutions, discusses the legal aspects of implementing thermal camera-based solutions and paves way to a more reliable approach of thermal screening through oral measurements.


What you will learn:

  • Is thermal screening reliable and accurate?

  • Are there any legal concerns regarding employees’ privacy?

  • What are the thoughts of DAX & Fortune 500 decision makers about thermal screening?

  • How easy is it to setup the screening at your facility?

Bleenco Quarterly, October 2020

Data Privacy: A Simple Explanation of the Monster Under the Bed


At Bleenco, we are proactively working to bring humans and intelligent machines closer by building data-based trust. This report tackles issues circulating around data privacy within the machine intelligence space such as GDPR & Automated Decisions, Transparency & AI Blackboxes, Anonymization Vs. Pseudomization and gives us insight into Bleenco’s approach towards data privacy.


What you will learn:

  • Is GDPR enough to protect our data?

  • What is inhibiting the diffusion of AI into our societies?

  • How do leading researchers perceive AI Blackboxes?